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Available parameters

Defaults to
count_unique_vals_columns string - Comma-separated name of columns. If both group_by and count_unique_vals_columns are defined, the number of unique values in the columns given in count_unique_vals_columns will be returned as well
event_types array(string) - Comma-separated list of event name types
group_by string - Comma-separated name of columns. If defined, group by and order the results by these columns. The sum of revenue will be returned
max_price number - -
min_price number - -
page integer - -
page_size integer 100 -
search_terms string - Comma-separated list of search terms present in the color or title of products
section_ids array(integer) - Comma-separated list of section IDs. The minimum value for an ID is 0 and the max is 50.

Check out our documentation to learn how to customize your response by using the q parameter and the available formats in your request. Parameters with * means it is required.

Sample usage

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